"The Teachings of Surtoma as experienced first-hand with Jerry Mulvin."

"Withour Prejudice"

SURTOMA - Jerry Mulvin - The Guide

Are you afraid to read this information? What has created this fear in you? What or who are you afraid of? Have you not noticed or felt this fear before? Why are you afraid?

YOU were a seeker at one time. Disillusioned by religion you turned to spirituality seeking the truth; but unbeknown to you, your soul was full of iconic, karmic imagery which was guiding you. The greatest of that imagery was to find a "master" who could heal you, who could enlighten you. When you found one who appeared to have certain "powers" and "abilities" you stopped seeking and "settled" into the so-called Spiritual Journey. And what a journey it has been, until new information comes along to the contrary.

There is no shame in starting over, unless your ego grew in that spiritual teaching, the opposite of what you wanted. There should be no problem in starting over if the new information is correct. However "fear" is a powerful ally of that Great Master - Sat Nam. Fear of losing something, someone or some position. Fear of facing those who are going to say, "I told you so." Fear of ..........

You know deep down inside that the "master" you are following is just leading you along a path to disappointment, you just HOPE it's not true. You have never developed into the spiritual being you thought you would. Sure you may have overcome some bad habits, but new ones came along to take their place. You never became a "master" yourself, because if you did, you wouldn't need the "master" you are with: a reoccuring theme from religion whereby you "follow" and "obey" or you won't make it. (fear)

And the years rolled by. And you read and heard about great and marvellous experiences of others in the teaching. And your own personal experiences, unbeknown to yourself, were chosen phenomea to keep you in the teaching. New "imagery" constantly being fed to you to fill your soul and guide you into the future as a loyal member.

Techniques which were suppose to raise the "kundalini energy" from the "pod" through the chakras and open the Crown Chaka, failed. All the "masters" had this done for them by that Great Master, Sat Nam. You on the other hand remain loyal servants, forever waiting and hoping for that next initiation of kundalini energy from the "master." Most all remain caught in the chakra of sexuality; the pod where you are focusing. There can only be one MASTER in any organization.

Knowledge is POWER, and no "master" is going to tell you all his secrets.

All of what you have experienced is PHENOMENA: generated by filling your soul with imagery from books and lessons and workshops, and then teaching you a simple mesmerizing techinque whereby you "pretent" - active meditation, OR "sit and wait" - passive meditation, to see the "inner worlds," already given in the books,lessons and workshops, and there you are, just like in the dreamstate, having a great "experience, as if it were really happening, and that you are really there, with the imagination of the soul, knowing your wishes and desires, filling in the details. This has to be the "master", I have never experienced anything like that before.

When you joined the teaching, you gave this "master" the right to be your master; and with that right he can enter your dreamstate. He probably even made you write to any other organization you belonged and quit. He can only take control of your mind if you give him permission. The good thing is that you can quit his "connection" the same way as you quit the others: send him a letter, quitting. However, as before you joined, after you quit, he can and will launch psychic attacks against you, because he is basically a servant of Satan (Sat Nam).

Did you ever see your "master" raise the dead, heal leprocisy, make the blind see, make the cripple walk, walk on water, etecetra? Are you sure this is a "master"? Could you have been deceived? There is a book which reads, "The Great Master deceives the whole world, even his very elect."

Or was your experience one of seeing the waves of kundalini energy putting temporary pictures of the master changing his appearance into your mind? What these masters say they are doing and what they are doing, are two completely different things: but then you cannot do it, so it seems magical; the magician performing his magic of deception.

One thing religion and spirituality have in common is that they both teach you that you are the SOUL: the Great Master's greatest deception. Come and see for your self what the soul really is. Come and learn who you are, where you are, and why you are here. Come and learn your true "orign" and The Way Back Home!


DISCLAIMER: The purpose of this website is not to attract away students, like Jerry used his first books to attract people from Eckankar to himself. (He told me this himself.) The purpose is not to prevent anyone from joining Jerry's teaching. (The lies are of great importance in finding the truth sometimes when you don't know where to look.) The purpose is to provide information to the real "seeker" whom Sat Nam (Satan) is trying to keep away from the truth with all these forms of religion and Kundalini phenomena teachings on the planet. With so much subtrafuge out there now, it is hard for the real seeker to find the truth any more. Every person should have sufficient information to make an educated decision. The information herein is my "direct personal first-hand experience" with Jerry Mulvin, Surtoma, Sat Nam, and The Teachings of Jerry.